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Comments about Patti Robinson

Moves very quickly. Cueing is not expert and will be tough to follow for a novice stepper. Very enthusiastic. Sometimes the camera doesn't follow the feet and it is difficult to see what she is doing.

Sets a frenetic pace that you have to ignore or you will go too fast. I learned not to watch, just listen to the cues. Like most advanced instructors ( the exception being Cathe Frederich), she appears to equate "advanced" with "don't give instructions before a sequence, just jump in."

Anne Berk

Patti Robinson seems slight hyper, i.e. she manages to look like she's adding hip swings to even athletic moves but you get used to it. She doesn't whoop or holler, or throw a lot of extraneous chatter into the routine, a big plus.

Donna Kahwaty

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