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I have gotten great results from Keli Roberts Circuit Video muscle training and Step. Also for those interested in Pilates Keli's Step video has a "Pilates like" Abdominal section!

from the FAQ

I'd like to vote for Keli Roberts Step (54 minutes) and Keli Roberts Circuit Training (56 minutes) Videos. The Circuit training video uses a band or weights and muscle training is mixed with step aerobics.

I used to belong to a club and go to step class and lift weights but I ran out of time....About 9 months ago I started using tapes and bought a step. I have used a bunch of tapes but these more than any other (I still use the Reebok Circuit Challenge a bit).

from the FAQ

Although I'm a major Keli Roberts fan, this is my least favorite of her 3 tapes. It's a circuit workout, alternating between step aerobics and toning. The step is excellent and challenging - especially the last segment. The toning is done with a band, which I don't care for. But when I tried to substitute dumbbells, some of the exercises just didn't conform well. So now I either just do it with bands (blech), or fast forward over the toning parts and just do the step. If you like bands, this will be an A+ tape for you. If not, a B+.

Annie S.

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