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Legs, Legs and Oh Bums!

This video was filmed at the 1997 IDEA conference so it is a teaching to an audience type video. It starts off with 10 minutes of teaching and lecturing. Keli talks about teaching form to your students. For example using the analogy of your butt being tail lights and your chest being headlights. She has a great sense of humor. She is teaching on a stage with a bright light on her.

Then she goes into a nice warm up and does some lower body toning with no weights. Constantly talking about form and how to teach a move. The excercises are: plies with a drag, 45 degree lunges, lunges with a drag, squats, plie squat pulses, and travel lunges where you lunge with your right and then with your left and then squat back.

She then brings out a bar with tubing hooked to it and shows you how to use this piece of equipment in the following exercises. Squats( slow, regular, pulsed, and isometric holds with a pulse), squats w/ leg adductions and leg back behind, hamstring curls and inner thigh. She doesn't show you how to use any dumbells ect. so you have to know how to modify. The final exercise is bent knee dead lifts using the bar and then you do a dead lift put the bar to the ground, stand up do a squat and then do a dead lift and pick up the bar ect. The then does standing stretches. It is a great educational video but I like her Straight Up and Sculpt far better.

Keli is chuck full of information and she squeezes alot out in this workout. From form to posture to neutral position, Keli is a superb instructor. Her cueing is excellent. Her hair keeps changing color! In this video it is copper red pulled back into a ponytail.

Mandy Lee

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