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Gliding Booty Beautiful

Keli Roberts

Set: Nice, industrial type set. (it's produced by Mindy Mylrea's production company and the set is nicer than previous productions)

Music: Instrumental, upbeat.

Standing Back Lunge
Standing Side Lunge
Upper Body/Core
Standing Curtsy Lunge
Prone Plank
Biceps/Lunge Slide/Step In
Plie Slide/Squat
Plank Twist
Shoulder Press/One Leg Squat
Supine Hamstring/Core/Back

This workout combines gliding and the use of the body bar to condition your entire body with special emphasis on the lower body.

Warmup: Keli begins with basic gliding right and left and adds circle forward squats. (Keli adds arms to the moves after demonstrating the leg movements) Back lunge circles and rear lunges are added. Diagonal skates are a fun move that really begins to raise the heart rate. Keli then stretches out the back and you are ready to begin the workout.

Workout: Rear standing lunges begins the workout. (Keli always adds elements to make the moves harder, say adding a balance challenge) Next, with the bar, you'll do forward lunges with rotation. Keli then bumps it up by adding a canoe rowing action. Pushups using the disc follow. Next you'll work your core and chest using the bar one handed for flyes and simultaneously performing a dead bug one legged extension. Coming back to standing, you'll work the outer thighs by doing side lunges with the discs. Next up you'll perform the same movement using the bar with additional rotation to work the core. Keli then moves back to the floor for some innovative upper body work. Using the discs, Keli lies on her side and puts one hand on a disc and slides it out and then using that arms strength she pulls it back in. Core work with the bar follows. Curtsy lunges with the discs will help tone your thighs. Standing rotations/curtsy lunges with the bar is next. Lunge slides and step ins finish this chapter. Next is triceps work. Keli uses the discs and while in hands and knees position, you'll slide each hand out and back in. Keli then performs an overhead press with the bar. Plie slide using the discs and then plie squats using the bar follows. (she also works calves with calf raises added to the plie movement) A tough plank twist with discs under the feet will challenge the obliques. Shoulder press with the bar (with an added snatch movement) works the shoulders and back. Next is one legged squat with the discs and then again the bar. Supine hamstring work with the feet on the discs really tighten buns and thighs. (this is tough as Keli keeps her buttocks off the floor the entire time) Keli then adds bridge with the bar across the hips. This move works the lower body and the back extensors. V-sit with discs under feet are next. She makes it challenging by pulling the feet in and out and keeping the arms out. Keli then adds rotation to work the obliques. Another tough plank sequence follows. A difficult pike with legs in & out finishes the core segment. Back is worked next before moving into the stretch. (extensions/rotations using the discs while lying on your stomach) A gentle stretch using the discs for assistance completes this highly effective program.

Workout length: 53 minutes

Instructor comments:

Denise R


The is a 53 minute gliding and body bar workout.

The set was a little on the dark side. The background anyway. The carpeted area was bright and wide. And that is where Keli by herself lead the workout. It almost looked like a balcony on a high rise building. The music was appropriate and motivating.

Equipment needed: gliding discs, body bar and a mat.

This workout combines gliding with the body bar for a total body workout with the emphasis on lower body. After the warm up Keli follows immediately with a non-stop workout that super sets gliding and body bar exercises. You will do lunges, squats, rows, push ups and core moves.

I would consider this workout a lower body toning workout. I would not use this for cardio purposes.

Instructor comments: Keli cues well and is motivating and gives many form pointers.


March 21, 2007

Gliding Booty Beautiful has ended up being one of my all-time favorite workouts. Denise gave a great breakdown -- but for reference, if you've done the TLT or TLP workouts, it includes essentially all of the rag/paper plate work in those workouts with a good dose of core work thrown in. There is some upper body work, but the emphasis is on lower body and core.

The workout flows really well, and the time flies by. The music is non-descript, and the set is fine, but not super. The workout itself makes up for those shortcomings.

Instructor comments: Keli is very relaxed and natural in this workout. She gives great form pointers just when you need them.

Gwynn F.


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