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F.I.T. Athletic Conditioning, Functional Integrated Training

Keli Roberts

Set/Music: Same set as the New Definitions workout. The music is instrumental.

Warmup: Marches in place, step hops, shuffles plus active and dynamic stretches heat the body up and prepare you for the workout.

Workout: Working on quickness (and as a continuation of the warmup), Keli begins with fast feet drills. (she has 4 big squares marked out with tape but this shouldn't be necessary at home) Ski drills and other quick drills finish this segment. Keli then moves to a med ball drill which is then followed by a dumbbell drill. (all drills are kept up at an aerobic pace to ensure lots of calories being burned) Keli follows a tri-set approach: Med ball drill, then a dumbbell drill, then finishes it up with a speed or plyometric drill. This conditioning phase will enhance your athletic performance, tone your body and help develop core strength at the same time. (my husband said he'd love this workout to help develop speed for Softball this summer) The workout ends with core stabilization exercises with a foam roller and great myofacial release techniques designed to help stretch out all the muscles you've just used. The core segment challenges your balance (even Keli struggles sometime).

Workout length: 57 minutes

Equipment used: 4 lb med ball, dumbbells, foam roller and mat. (for those that have kettlebells, these would work for many of the weighted drills)

Instructor comments:

Denise R


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