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Comments about Keli Roberts

Keli is one of my absolute favorite instructors! Her choreography is excellent, transitions are always smooth, and she's a great at cueing. She gives you a challenging workout, and she breaks down the routines very well. I think I'd buy anything she put out. I first found her on Cher's step tape, and then I bought her two other step workouts and this. She's so good at making you understand exactly where you should feel something.

Annie S.

Keli is an exceptional instructor: great cuing, great form. One of my favorite instructors.

Cinnamon Conrad

Keli Roberts is a very good motivator, soft voice but to the point, gives good instructions.

Terrie Bissonnette

Keli Roberts is a very charming instructor. I liked her a lot. She has a lot of appeal, and her accent accounts for much of it. Her voice is soft and sincere; you want to believe every word she says. It's too bad that I didn't like her tape because Keli Roberts made me want to like it very much.

Karen Borak

Keli is a great instructor! She isn't perky, like some, but also not so serious as to be boring! Her cueing is wonderful, although she doesn't specify right an dleft, which gets frustrating sometimes.


Keli Roberts is a great instructor on this tape (Abs & More). She gives more form pointers and reminders than *any* instructor I have ever encountered. She is very clear, concise, professional, and has a very soothing voice!

Christine Letsky

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