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ASAP: Abs, Spine and Posture

Keli Roberts

Production/music: This was produced by Evolution. The setting is somewhat dark but this does not distract from the workout. The music was a pleasant instrumental with a nice relaxing feel to it.

This 30 minute stability ball workout focuses on your abdominals, spine and posture (ASAP). Keli utilizes a multi functional approach as all the exercises enhance your flexibility and help develop a strong core.

Unique exercises include side oblique lifts, glute squeezes, holding the ball while on your knees and rotating side to side and stretch moves that open up the chest/back.

If you are short on time you can do one of the 3 shortened premixes (Workout 1: Hovers/Squats, Core Work, Hamstring Hover and Back Extensions, Workout 2: Opposite arm leg lifts & spinal stabilization, Stability ball between legs core work, Single Leg raise with rotation, and Roll outs, Workout 3: Extensions/Rotation, Lateral Flexion Crunches and Pike Plank Push). You can also choose to the entire workout for an intermediate/advanced level workout.

Instructor comments: Keli provides phenominal cueing and form tips.

Denise R


1. Lift ball overhead coming up on the toes then lowering ball to floor and rolling ball away from the torso.
2. Lunges left & right pressing ball away with opposite hand.
3. Wide squats and rolling ball away, back stretch.
4. Seated hip circles.
5. Seated pelvic tilts.
6. Seated side stretches.
7. Seated thigh stretches.
8. Lunges & side twists.
9. Lunges with arm sweeps

Section One:
1. Seated leg extensions.
2. Ab crunches.
3. Bridge - lifting & lowering hips.
4. Seated single heel raises, single leg raises.
5. Back Extensions.
6. Leg raises lying on the ball.

Section Two:
1. Superman lying on the ball.
2. Back stretch hugging the ball.
3. Abs - legs hugging the ball - pelvic tilts.
4. Lying hip extensions w/leg extensions.
5. Leg stretches.
6. Roll outs w/planks.

Section Three:
1. Back extensions w/rotation
2. Lying bridge w alternating arm & leg extensions.
3. Hip circles.
4. Lateral Flexion - oblique crunches.
5. Ab crunches.
6. Plank w/ a pike and push back

Keli ends with a good back stretch.

Instructor comments: This is a good solid intermediate/advanced stability ball workout. Keli's cueing is great and the exercises are done slowly even though this is only a 30 minute workout. It's divided into three eight minute workouts that you can do separately if you like. I enjoyed this stability ball workout very much. Nice setting and again, slow moving. The music is so-so.



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