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Total Yoga The Flow Series: Water

Tracey Rich and Ganga White

Of the three tapes in the Flow Series, this one is my least favorite. Iím a power yoga person, and while this is definitely pleasant and relaxing, itís not what Iím looking for. This is mainly stretching-type yoga with no sweating involved. Itís a solid beginner/intermediate tape for someone looking for a milder workout.

Annie S.


I am reviewing this video after doing it only once.
About me:
I have struggled with finding videos that I like because I want to do yoga mainly for stretch, relaxation, mind body etc. More clearly, I don't like Power Yoga or anything super challenging because I do other things for my intense workouts. So I keep getting videos that are really easy and a little boring (I did a Wai Lana tape and a few others) where you do leg lifts and move way slowly or I get Rodney Yee type Vinyassa power yoga where I can't keep up and don't really feel like I can even get into the poses before it is time to change.

The video-
The Yoga Flow water tape is in between these two levels. There is excellent cueing which I think is really important in a yoga video because it is hard to look at the screen. She calls out both the sanskrit and english pose names and walks you through step by step into getting into the pose. It is more specific than other yoga tapes I have had but still moves at an good pace. She also always says, exhale to finish the pose and pauses which I really like. This is what I have wanted the other beginning Vinyassa tapes to be, slower pace, more cueing and pose instruction. It starts with sun salutation series A 3 times, then series C 3 times. Then there are some standing poses, inluding warrior, half moon, and triangle. Then it moved to lying poses including bow, shoulder stand, and dolphin (which I have never done and enjoyed). You don't hold any of the poses very long. There is no flowery language, only instruction. The savasana just goes through relaxing each of your body parts and then your rock out to new age music for 5 minutes.

I really liked it, a slow flowing yoga workout with solid cueing, a minimal set, and excellent demonstration.

Instructor comments: There are two instructors, male and female and it seemed liked they switched off and one would be more beginner and one would do more advanced for most poses. They both had beautiful form and were very graceful. This was actually the first yoga tape where I felt graceful!


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