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Margaret Richard

Workout Type: Lower Body floorwork + Biceps and Triceps

Workout Length: Warm up - 5 min. Lower Body work - 36min. (including Abwork) Triceps and Biceps - 9min. Cooldown and Stretches - 4min. Total time - 54min.

Fitness Level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced... Her moves are slow enough to allow Beginners to keep up, Intermediate and Advanced can add weights to add intensity.

Equipment: ankle weights for legwork if desired. Dumbells for upper body. mat

Set: 2 large pillars, blank pinkish wall, and large Body Electric sign.

Attire: Lime shirt, and lycra outfit, everyone in lycra.

Cast: Margaret and 4 students. (3 female and 1 male)

Effectiveness: Excellent lower body work, left me sore!

Music: Jazzy with a beat.

Presentation: This workout flows, she doesn't rush you from one move to the next but it progresses well.
She also adds quick stretches here and there after the different muscle groups.

Warm up: 5 min. her signature flowing movements that combine small dance movements.

The Workout: She doesn't use any ankle weights for all legwork. I used 5 lbs and it clobbered me!

Begins with Abwork which includes the bycicle move.

Hamstrings and Glutes:
She gets on all fours and extends one leg back
Extends and straighten leg 24x
then lifts lege up and down in bent position - 16x
then pulses at top 16x
Extends and straighten leg 12x
then lifts lege up and down in bent position - 12x
then pulses at top 20x

Lay on back - Bridgework

other leg

at 26min - Outer Thighs
Lift and lower 26x
pulses 26x
lift and lower 10x
extend straight leg lifts 12x
pulses 24x
small circles 12x
circles opposite direction 12x
pulse kicks 40x
lift and lower 8x
pulse kicks 40x
on elbow in and extend 10x

at 37min. Inner Thigh
The position- Lay on back legs straight up.
open legs to side and close
then 4-count in open position
then pulse outs.. repeat all.

Upper Body: Begin with Biceps. She uses 3 lbs ... I did first set with 12 and then had to go down to 7lbs. (tough!)
both arms - 12x 2-count
alternate arms 20x per arm.
double arm 12x 3-count at top
open arms to sides 12x

French Presses 6x both arms
alternate arms 3x
kickbacks 12x 2-count pulse in back.
alternate kickbacks with 2-count pulse in back
kickback with a twist 8x
arms behind you bring them up the back and then to kickback position.
2 arm French Presses
Kickback with 2-count
alternate kickbacks
arms behind you bring them up the back and then to kickback position.
then alternate
then French Presses
then alternate French Presses.

at 50 min. Cooldown and Stretches

at 54 min. END

Total Rating: Those who want thorough Lower Body work, without lunges or squats will love this workout.
It is not an upper body workout and doesn't say it is. For what it is, it achieves its' purpose.
I rate it 9 1/2 of 10 , only because the outfits are dated. But I highly recommend it for those who like floorwork.

Instructor comments: Instruction: Margaret wears her hair shoulder length and curly in this one. She is smiling and you can see she is enjoying herself. There are pop-up windows here and there that give instruction without slowing down the


5 July 2003

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