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Tanya Tucker Country Workout

Instructor: Lisa Rice
Music: Tucker's music, sort of
Length: 50 min.
Motion warmup to Trouble: 7 min. 45 secs.
Aerobics: 24 min 45 secs. (includes very long heart rate check).
Cooldown: 5 min slow motion similar to warmup & heart rate check.
Floorwork: 5 min. side leg lifts, abs, couple of pushups. Floor stretches: 6 minutes
Energy Level: Medium-High
Choreography: Simple steps but some more complicated combinations
Production: Low

I ran this tape only twice. First time through, I hated it. The steps were confusing and I couldn't find any association between the steps and the music's rhythm. Second time through, it wasn't so bad but.... It starts out very promising with a nice warmup to Trouble. But Tanya's music is barely hearable behind Lisa's strident voice. The steps, second time through, seemed much easier, and very repetitive, although some of the combos were confusing at first (not aided by poor camera work). The biggest problem is that sometimes Lisa's energy level and her choice of steps bears little relationship to the rhythm of the background music (you follow her or the music, but not both). Tucker obviously never practiced the routine which, I suppose, is in a way endearing acause she fumbled along just the way I did. Low and high impact alternatives are shown. You can adjust your energy expenditure. Some interesting (to me) variations on the leg lifts and a nice final stretch. Overall, however, I was really disappointed in this tape and may never play it again.

Diane Danielle

This video was designed and led by Lisa Rice. Tanya Tucker and 5 exercisers accompany Lisa. The video incorporates Tanya's hits, "Tell Me About It," "It's A Little Too Late," and "Two Sparrows in a Hurricane." The music and aerobic routines are fun to exercise to. However, the first routine seems to be a little to fast for the music's tempo. One person always demonstrates a higher impact version. The cool-down and stretching are very relaxing. The toning segment is also designed for beginners.

A nice tape to do when one wants a light workout and a little country in your life. Tanya's songs are fun to listen to.

Carolyn Heying

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