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Knockout Workout Round 2 - Express and Sculpt, Tone & Box

Terrie Reeves

Why did I wait so long to try this one...or should I say "these" workouts! Both workouts are approx. 25-30 min. long. Knockout Workout is a fast-paced intense kickboxing workout with very basic choreography-your basic jab, cross, uppercut, front & side kick combos. Terrie states at the start of the DVD that it is intended for those who are short on time, and I found it to be a condensed version of her Round 3 workout. Although the moves are simple, there is some traveling which adds some variety. Also Terrie builds up 2 basic combo patterns on the right. Then she switches to the left & rebuilds them on the other side. This sequencing keeps it interesting, even though the moves are very basic. The actual cardio portion minus the warmup/cool down is only about 20 min., but it is fast-paced & kept my HR up. I really liked it, and it was very well-organized. If you are a choreography-lover you might find it disappointing.

Now on to Sculpt, Tone & Box. This is a cardio-toning workout which is also fast-paced. If you are into heavy or slow-paced strength training this is probably not for you. I started with 3lb. weights & had to switch to 1.5 lbs. several times because my arms fatigued so quickly! It consists of compound moves done at a fast pace, & it definitely keeps the cardio component up there! I can't remember all of the exercises and how they were combined, but here are a few examples: bicep curls (with palms facing up, and some with palms facing in) rear delt raises, front delt raises, overhead presses tricep kickbacks. These upper body moves are paired with side steps and squats. She does one move where you are doing double time bicep curls as you alternate toe taps on the step. (there is a modification shown without the step as well.) Seems a little odd that this was the only move onthe step, but it was fun! There is a short section of plyo moves, and the routine ends with squat-side kick series to fry your legs! I think she did more on the left than the right, but I just added on a few extras before I went into the cool down. There seemed to be an emphasis on biceps, but not enough to make the workout seem totally unbalanced. A lot of leg/glute work too, but to me, this is a good thing!

I really liked both routines. I have to warn y'all that this is a DVD-R. Also, the customer service at Terrie's website was not the greatest. (See the vendor forum.)But anyway, despite all that, I'm glad to have this in my collection.

Instructor comments: Terrie is very high-energy and motiviating. She "woops" a bit, which some may find annoying!



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