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Strong Abs - Reebok's VersaTraining Toning Series

The video was a disappointment. There are 3 toning segments (and a warmup and cooldown). Collage Video rates this tape as an intermediate/advanced level workout. Not true. This workout is way easy, especially if you've done The Firm's 5-day Abs. This one is limp. The first segment is just information, no work. You won't use it more than once. The other two segments are OK, but I would have a hard time passing up The Firm's ab tape for this one. Both instructors are intelligent and informative. Likable and not at all irritiating. No idle chit-chat.

I bought this tape for a little variety, and I guess I'll force myself to use it. But it's not effective. Segment 2 and 3 will do for variety sake. If you want a good ab tape for daily workouts, use The Firm. Does anyone know of another good ab tape?

>Karen Borak

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