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This is my least favorite tape. Part of the reason I hated this tape was that I felt that the box had a little "false advertising" on it. When I bought it, my workouts were in the 20 to 25 minute time frame, so when I bought tapes I was looking for workouts with that duration. The box said the tape had a 20 minute workout. I got the tape home and when I did the workout, I was shocked to find out that the workout was only 10 minutes long and that they expected you to rewind it and do it twice to get a 20 minute workout. The workout was really boring and barely got my heartrate up. In addition to the instructor, there are two others on the tape. One exerciser shows "advanced" options and she uses hand weights. There are much better tapes out there for the beginning exercisers (Kathy Smith) which explain proper form and technique.

Camille Guiar

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