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Step Fever

Donna Read

This is a *spectacular* workout, and Donna’s best to date. It’s filled with fun, intricate choreography that keeps you smiling and moving all around the step. Intensity is upper-intermediate to advanced, and most of the advanced comes in the second half of the one-hour step workout. Donna teaches the choreography extremely well, although the introduction of new moves is sometimes confusing (she hasn’t quite mastered Christi Taylor’s “watch me” style, but she’s close). But even though you might stumble when a move is introduced, it’s easy to catch up thanks to Donna’s great cueing. I should emphasize that the choreography is very advanced, perhaps moreso than some of Christi’s, so if you’re not looking for that kind of thing, you won’t want this. Also, you need to “get” the choreography before you can get the intensity. Once you get it, you’ll be dripping sweat by the end of the workout.

Maria Latran and Sharon Twombley are the crew members, both looking fitter than ever and smiling (for real) all the way through the workout. It really is the kind of workout that makes you smile and that’s pretty rare. The fun factor is comparable to Christi Taylor and the G-Force’s Super Step.

At the end of the step workout, there is another 15 minutes of tough abs (Pilates-style) and a very nice stretch. The total length is an hour and 15 minutes. I did think the warmup and cooldown after the step were a little long, but that’s the worst criticism I can make about this fantastic tape. The music is about a B+ -- better than that in the most recent CIA’s. The workout itself is definitely an A+.

Annie S.

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