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Flow Yoga for Beginners

Shiva Rea

Shiva offers a beautifully demonstrated practice for those new to yoga. (once you've become familiar with the session you can choose to do the practice with the music only option) Precise and detailed instructions allow for a safe (and effective) practice.

The chapters are as follows:

*Foundation Flow
*Beginners Backbend Flow
*Relaxing Flexibility Flow
*Beginners Standing Pose Flow

The Foundation Flow begins with a seated meditation. (the lovely music and sounds of the nearby waterfall allows the viewer to relax fully) Shiva teaches how to link the breath to the movement. You'll begin with easy postures to warm & prepare the body for the other sequences. Deep breathing is incorporated beginning with the knee to nose exercise. You'll then move into plank. (Shiva offers easier modifications for those unable to perform a full plank) The plank helps prepare for chattaranga. Childs pose into 1/2 chattaranga follows. Cobra, cat's breath and down dog are also examined. Shiva concludes this segment in childs pose.

Backbend Flow offers up another outdoor setting, this time with lush greenery near what appears to be a pond of somesort. Shiva begins with flowing arm circles and a gentle standing backbend. Every move flows in rhythmn-backbend, forward bend, gently roll up. A deep lunge with pulses and a wonderful hamstring stretch (1/2 splits) are next. High cobra is demonstrated in this segment. (several variations are shown) Childs pose then move into the knee into navel sequence. Shiva explores twists from various positions (chair pose, lunges, lying down). Camel pose is also demonstrated.

The Relaxing Flow uses the same outdoor setting as the Backbend Flow. The gentle, restorative "stretch" yoga offered in this segment would make it an ideal option for after sports or cardio training. The hip openers, hamstring stretches and groin/inner thigh work are great for runners and non athletes alike.

The final Shavasana section completes the practice. (it is again on the beach but it appears to be at dusk, making it more relaxing) Shiva states you can remain in this pose as long as desired.

Instructor comments:

Denise R


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