Video Fitness

Creative Core & Upper Body

Shiva Rea

Beautiful cinematography and setting along with jazzy vocal music make this an incredibly visually stimulating program. Shiva's expertise and gentle guidance make it effective! Her gentle, voice over cuing carefully guides the viewer through the sequences.

This release from Shiva focuses on the abs, arms, shoulders and even the chest--all areas of the front of the body will feel worked in this program. In 35 minutes you are on your way to a tighter core, stronger back and more defined arms and shoulders.

Shiva begins with a nice sun salutation which prepares the body for the practice. You'll perform 108 (yes, 108!) pushups in the fire sequence. Shiva performs them in 9 rounds of 12, making it attainable for all. (perform them on the knees for an easier modification) Pushups are great strengtheners! Shiva stretches you out properly between each round with various yoga sequences. A deep cobra and down dog is often included to stretch the back and front of the body. Shiva provides lots of visual cues, her guidance is impeccable. After each round, Shiva adds a new yoga exercise to deepen the practice (and enhance the benefits). The fire sequence is fluid and effective. Using just the weight of your own body as resistance, you'll develop muscle tone and strength in all areas of the upper body.

The creative core segment is 8 minutes long and begins reclining on your back. Shiva performs abdominal focused moves with plenty of isometric holds. This develops the deeper muscles of the core. Unlike traditional core work, you won't perform endless pulsing reps but will hold & contract the abdominals tightly during the movements. No crunches needed!

Shiva concludes the program with a 2 minute deep relaxation. This program is enjoyable and offers an alternative to traditional weight training for upper body strength.

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Denise R