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Creative Core and Lower Body

Shiva Rea

A wonderful "short, sweet and to the point" session, you'll focus on the core and lower body. In just under 25 minutes you'll have toned a better lower half and increased overall flexibility.

Beautiful scenery (shot in the Limahuli Garden on the island of Kauai) and great instruction make this a great "go to" yoga practice. The chapter points make it easy to navigate to do either the entire workout or just concentrate on the lower body or the core area.


Creative Roots-13 minutes (lower body focus)

Creative Core-9 minutes (abdominal/core focus)

Shavasana-2 minutes


Creatice Roots is powerful. You'll flow between poses, further igniting the calorie burn to help decrease overall body fat. Beginning with a deep plie (or yoga squat), you'll build upon this poses. Next is wide angle with deeply bent knees. (the key to this practice is the dynamic holds which help increase muscle tone) Between postures you'll often find yourself in the deep plie posture. The standing postures, along with Shiva's guidance, really key in on the hips, thighs and lower back. You'll see Warrior, Side Angle and other standing favorites.

Creative Core is progressive-Shiva begins with a base move and then takes it further. (depending on your ability, you choose how far you want to take it) Many of the positions work both the core and the lower body simutaneously. A rocking bridge (quite tricky), 1/2 table and planks are effective (and tough!)

Very innovative & creative, the practice would be recommended for intermediate/advanced students looking to "spice up" their core conditioning/lower body training.

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