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TriYoga: Strengthening

Kali Ray

This was my first TriYoga video, although I've taken classes at a TriYoga-inspired studio as well as a 2-day workshop last year with a TriYoga instructor, Martha Hamilton. TriYoga founder Kali Ray calls this DVD your "Daily 10" in that it contains 10 posture segments (all chaptered), each about 5-6 minutes long. In addition, the practice begins with a 3-minute rhythmic breath section and ends with a 4-minute relaxation.

The 10 strengthening segments are as follows:
1) leg stretch--reclined leg movements plus static holds
2) reclined butterfly--preliminary hip and groin opening
3) cat rolls--cat/cow stretches
4) cat bow 1--cat stretches with a push-up move
5) mountain heel press (mountain is the TriYoga name for down dog)
6) cat bow 2--a repeated flow from down dog to the cat push-up
7) runner--lunge stretches
8) triangle--moving from standing forward bend
9) side warrior--same as above
10) half tortoise twist--seated twist

The total time for this video is about 58 minutes, and although the DVD case says it is divided into two rotations, there was no discernable break. Each segment includes only a few postures--Kali moves quite slowly and methodically through the dynamic poses and engages in lengthy static holds as well. Some of the flows, such as the cat bows, do require strength, but overall, I found this to be more of a relaxing, gentle practice.

Because each posture segment has the ability to stand alone, this is a versatile practice--ie, you could get in a quick 10-minute practice by doing only 2 segments, do half the segments for a 30 minute session, or complete the entire practice when you have a full hour. I will use this video mainly when I want to engage in soothing yoga moves that require little effort or exertion.

Instructor comments: Kali is a gentle, soft-spoken teacher who speaks with a slight accent. She reminds me a little of Wai Lana; although she is not nearly as flamboyant, the stand-alone segments of this practice were similar to a Wai Lana video. At times, there is an alternate view of Kali where she is shown using props (a strap and yoga blocks), but she makes only passing comments about how to modify. Overall, however, I found her to be a calming presence and enjoyed her instruction.

Beth C (aka toaster)

August 29, 2005

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