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TriYoga: Level 1

Kali Ray

This is the original TriYoga tape (not one of the newer DVDs). I cannot find a date on it, but Iím thinking it came out in the late 1990ís or early 2000ís. This is more of a stretch-type workout than a strengthening one, although you do get some mild residual strength work. It has four sections: opening flow, gentle flow, backworks, and recline & relax. The first two are about 10 minutes each, and the other two are longer, but I neglected to make note of their actual length (I was too engrossed by then). This is a wonderful video to do when youíve been working out intensely and your muscles feel all tight. It really opens you up and leaves you feeling refreshed and loose. The production quality is average. Itís Kali alone in a plain room. Kali keeps a smile on her face throughout, with teeth showing, which is a little disconcerting because itís clearly not natural. The total length of this workout is about an hour and includes a deep relaxation at the end.

Annie S.


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