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Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss Daily Quickies DVD, Abs Only Workout


The Abs Only workout on this DVD is TOUGH! I think the standing ab work at the beginning should have been a sign that this was going to be a killer workout (sucking the abs in & out, sucking in the top & bottom abs to create an ab wave). Rania has AWESOME abs, really a terrific figure in general.

It's 11min of ab work - after the first standing exercise it's all floorwork, mostly traditional work with advanced positions. Crunches with the legs straight (harder than it looks), oblique twists with a upper raise/twist/upper raise/down tempo, lower ab work (legs straight overhead & lift, legs overhead then out like a v-sit), oblique twists. It just goes on & on! Can't believe how hard this workout is.

I think I will have serious DOMS tomorrow. On the plus side the music is pop instrumental with a good beat, the set & production are professional (Natural Journeys), the chaptering & DVD options are awesome (music only, Dolby 5.1). It's cued entirely with voice-over.

On the minus side there is little/no form pointers, there are no options shown for less advanced exercisers, and folks with back problems are not going to be able to do straight-leg crunches and v-sits. Oh yes, it's supposed to be 10min long and it's actually 11min - not that I was counting but SHEESH I was dying!

I had to stop & rest many times, this was so demanding. I'm going to have to rank this up there with Tamilee's I want those Abs Level 2 workout, or her Tighter Assets 10min Abs Workout.

I viewed the Legs/Buns quickie workout and it doesn't seem particularly demanding, lots of dance-inspired standing leg lifts & plies. I'll have to investigate the rest of this DVD...

Instructor comments: Rania is beautiful, with inspiring abs. Her form is very good on these exercises, a tribute to her advanced fitness level.

In her voice-over narration she doesn't give many form pointers. I think that her workouts would benefit from more instruction. But her voice is calm & motivating.



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