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Yoga on the Ball: An Introduction...

Linda Rado

Yoga on the Ball: an introduction... uses a stability ball plus other props (2 yoga blocks, but a blanket is also suggested) to enhance basic yoga postures. The case explains that instructor Linda Rado teaches 20 poses, but there are plenty of variations. Each posture/posture series appears briefly on screen, with the complete list as follows:

1. Bent Leg Seated Forward Bend
2. Spider Series
3. Pigeon Series
4. Backbend Series (includes several sub-segments such as arm pull, snow angel, full extension, and eagle arms)
5. Straight Leg Seated Forward Bend
6. Side Bend Series (includes clock and triangle arms)
7. Draped Rest
8. Locust
9. Plank
10. Dolphin
11. Kneeling Rest
12. Side Angle Twist
13. Toe Bend
14. Seated Wide Leg Forward Bend
15. Standing Wide Leg Forward Bend with Twist
16. Triangle
17. Standing Side Stretch
18. Seated Forward Bend with Twist
19. Seated Twist Deeper
20. Rest on Ball

The practice is about 37.5 minutes long, although the music continues for an additional 1.5 minutes during the final relaxation. Overall, I liked how the ball was incorporated into the postures and enjoyed this practice, but I did have several minor issues with it. First of all, the tone of the practice felt a bit uneven: although it was largely restorative (i.e., using the ball as a prop for going more deeply into the poses), there were also some fairly strenuous segments, such as the dolphin (a moving plank on the ball). Secondly, the transitions between the postures were often very quick, and so I found myself rushing to set up for the next pose. Finally, the frequent changes in camera angle/perspective sometimes made it difficult to follow Linda's movements. If you enjoy both ball work and yoga plus are able to overlook these flaws, I would recommend this video.

Instructor comments: Linda provided generally good instruction, although the camera angles made her slightly difficult to follow at times; her voice reminded me very much of actress Bebe Neuwirth.

Beth C (aka toaster)

February 8, 2006

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