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I'm on a quest to learn to dance - i'm interested in a huge variety of different dance styles.

I recently discovered Lisa Nunziella's work, which I love.

Gloria is very friendly, but the music and the workout here just didn't really inspire me that much. It was fun, and *maybe* i'll keep it - but if you are going for "just one hip-hop" workout, this wouldn't be a good choice. It didn't even really seem hip-hoppy to me.

So, I'd give it a C.

Instructor comments: Gloria is very nice and friendly, makes you feel like you can do it!



This is a hip hop based aerobic workout that is 35 minutes long. The DVD is chaptered into 7 segments with each segment containing a mini routine. It is well suited for a either a beginner with some dance experience or an intermediate level exerciser with little dance experience (I am a high intermediate level exerciser with about medium level dance experience). The background of the set I believe is made to look like a street. There is even a taxi cab behind the exercisers and some street signs around the walls.

That being said, this is a really fun workout!! It is truly a dance workout. This is not aerobic moves with a dancy feel. There is a little marching in place or step touches between segments but these are more dance than traditional aerobics. There are a lot of funky hip hop dance moves that make me feel just like the white girl I am. It will probably take several times for me to get all the moves.

You probably will not work up an exhausting sweat doing this workout but you will work up a little bit. I was sweating a little throughout the video. I only have done it once and I did not catch all the moves this time but I think after a couple times I will get the hang of it and therefore get a better workout. I highly recommend this video for some who wants to get a good dance workout and have loads of fun!

Instructor comments: I really like this instructor. Her videos are geared more towards beginner and intermediate level exercisers but I enjoy her videos on days I do not feel like an intense workout. She is a beautiful fit instructor with a charming accent. I could listen to her speak all day.
There are 4 exercisers in the background in the warm-up. They disapper in the second segment and reappear in the third to disappear again. Not sure where the went. They are back for the cool down.



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