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Quick Fix Total Mix Core Abs

Keli Roberts, et. al.

Quick Fix Total Mix Core Abs
Type: Abs and core
Set: varies
Background exercisers: two
Music: I did not notice music

This is a great little DVD! It is a “compilation” DVD in that is has gleaned nine different workouts from various Quick Fix workouts. There is a workout blender where you choose from 1-3 workouts, as well as a randomization feature.

Here are the nine workouts:

TOTAL ABS: Led by Keli Roberts, this is done entirely on the ball.
Bridge work, including iso pulses
Oblique crunches
Crunches with alternating leg raises
Supermans, including some with an oblique twist

PILATES STABILIZATION: Instructor was not familiar and it doesn’t say on the DVD case

Pelvic Curl
The Hundred
Single Leg Circles
Single Leg Stretch
Double Leg Stretch
Spine Stretch

CORE COMBINATIONS: Instructor – Keli Roberts, from QF Pilates for Abs DVD

This was one of my favorites from the Pilates for Abs DVD.

Crunch with arm to the side to work obliques
Spine Stretch
Single Leg Stretch
Double Leg Stretch
Single Leg Scissors
Rolling Like A Ball
Superman (swimming move)
Alternate Arm/Leg while on all fours, with leg sweep to the side
Prone while lifting upper body and arms out like situps, but with hands on forehead.

YOGA FLEX – this was a nice, short yoga routine, but I wouldn’t classify it as having a core focus. I doubt I’d ever do this one.

YOGA STABILITY This yoga segment was very core focused. Here’s the breakdown:
Standing on knees, hands behind back, bend torso forward. Extend hands over head and straighten up
On all fours, alternate arm/leg raise
In pushup position, bring one leg to chest, then extend out back.
Slow pushup to cobra, then lift both legs
Lying prone, lift chest and arms, then legs
Superman to child’s pose, stretch, then down dog
Sitting with legs extended, lift up butt, keeping body straight
Boat pose, moving arms to one side and then the other
Sit crosslegged, and lift butt and legs off floor.
Lying supine, legs straight up, curl upper body
Lower legs to 3” from floor and hold
Lie supine, legs bent, roll hips side to side, first with legs bent, then extended

This is a GREAT ball workout for abs!!

Sitting on ball, do hip circles, then move hips forward and back
Bridge, raise and lower hips
Oblique twists
Curl with alternate leg raise
Supine on ball, raise and lower alternate arm and leg
Lie prone on ball, lift torso, then twist side to side
Plank position, then lift both legs and lower torso to ground, then up to pike (yowza)
Prone on ball, raise and lower alternate arm and leg
Elbows on ball, roll fwd with knees bent, then into straight leg plank

Very cute funky low impact dance routine. Not sure why it is on an abs tape.


Warning: the workout outfits are HIDEOUS. Black and banana two tone ugliness. Ugh!

The workout looks fun, with lots of bob and weaves, oblique twists and crunches, punches, blocks, squats, front and side kicks, knee ups. Constantly moving.

As she says, this has “a bit of kickboxing flavah”.
The warmup starts with hip smimmies, then an arm move like you are cross country skiing, but without moving your legs

Front blocks
Front Cross (punch, slow then fast)
Knee lift then extend leg. Slow, then fast
Leg lift to the rear
Bob & weave

All in all, this DVD delivers good variety, tho some of the segments are questionable for an abs/core tape. Grade B+

Instructor comments: Keli is superb. The other istructors are also very good.

Peggy T

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