Video Fitness

Step Motion

Marcos Prolo

Another winner from Marcos. Like Step Factory, this is about 35-40 minutes of actual workout (including an active step warmup and very quick stretch). Those who already are fans will see more of the vintage trademark of combining moves into complex combinations, cued by a professional yet relaxed and encouraging instructor.

As always I am terrible at accurately recounting each combo. He methodically builds up moves like stomps, skis on the step, mambo cha-cha-chas, foot-ball-changes, "tangos" on the step and one move where you ski on the step, then mambo off the front, do a knee lift, then mambo off the front on the other foot. He sometimes teaches you a move on one side of the step, then has you do it on the other side in a combination.

Solid intermediate to high-intermediate in intensity. Simple moves that quickly become complex combos. Same set as Step Factory, a rather Spartan set-up of solid-patterned banners decorating an otherwise standard warm-wood corner of a studio.

Instructor comments: As mentioned before, I think Marcos just gets better and better. He appears relaxed and professional and seems to be having a good time. IMO, his cuing is among the best I've ever seen--he often counts or cues in such a way to help you grasp those new complex combos more quickly. For me, he TIFTT just enough so that I feel I've mastered a combo, without TIFTT-ing so much that I get sick of it. And, of course, he is cute!



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