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A Step Behind You...Marcos Prolo

Warm-Up: 9 Minutes
Workout: 45 Minutes
Cool Down: 3 Minutes

My Brief Overview:

Wow! What a fun workout! Coming from Sara City Workout videos, this wasn't that bad of quality...I only wish the music was louder!

From a fellow group fitness instructor, this tape is for instructors looking for new ideas (or high intermediate to advanced exercisers). This is my favorite double step video, next to CIA 9803. Marcos is a "king" of tapless step and though it took me a couple of times before I felt comfortable, his routine flowed smoothly.

The warm-up is done on the "home" step and adds the other step which he refers to as the "back" step. I love the "half-turn steps" and the innovative way he uses both the steps during this portion. The warm-up was very adequate and I felt ready to go afterwards!

The routine consist of 5-6 combos (I only did this once before writing...) and there is plenty of variety except for shuffle-turns which he uses twice. Throughout the workout he plays with rhythm and makes it fun. There were many "older" moves, like the Horseshoe, He's a real cutie and has a slight Latino accent and the music has a latin "flavor" as well. His cueing and motivation skills are excellent, with only one minor flaw that I noticed. On the down side, I felt that the cool down was rather short, like he was rushed or something and I cooled myself down even further. There are times that the camera zooms an angle view of his legs and I really didn't like it. I'd rather see the instructor head-on. At other times, there is a small inlet of his feet on the upper right corner of the screen, and I felt this was best for me. I also don't enjoy the one-on-one instruction, I feel that Marcos could have shined (personality-wise) so much more if he was pushing others in back of him to work!

Being a kinesthetic learner, it only confused me when I watched it. I just had to step in there (literally) and do it! I'm glad I did.

IMHO, a good video has an awesome role-model of an instructor giving great instruction; interesting background (set), awesome music, supportive, but not obnoxious cast members, quality production. The workout was great, but due to my own idiosyncracies, I give this an B.

Myra Marangi

Unlike the better known CIA 9803 double step workout, this is a two-bench workout that uses the steps horizontally. Once I got used to that, I could see that the horizontal double step workout has the potential to be as fun as the vertical 9803 or Jennifer Mills' Step Two It; unfortunately, Marcos Prolo does not live up to the potential. Marcos does not use the method of doing all the moves on both the steps (i.e. starting on left side will put certain moves on the front step; starting on right will put them on the back). As a result, he does not use the back step equally in the workout, and often I felt like the moves he did on it were token moves just to integrate it into the workout. He teaches each combo primarily on the front step, and then adds the back in in some way, but it never feels like it was well thought out, almost like he figured out the front combo first, then thought "Hmm, how can we get to the back step?" In one combo, all that's done on the back step is one of three alternating knees and then a turn step at the end. In another, it's just a backward V step and later a hop turn. There were many times when I naturally felt I wanted to turn to the back step and do part of the move there but he kept them all on the front, which was kind of frustrating. When he put the combinations together, it flowed pretty well; he does not use many taps, which I like. If you like double step, there are so few out there, that the $10 investment at Sara's City (which means Prolo is solo, very low production value but works just fine) is worth it. All in all, it was a good workout, but I can't help thinking it could have been a great one.

Donna Kahwaty

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