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Non Stop Cardio

Marcos Prolo

We need more from Marcos Prolo! This is his latest high/low workout (available from It's 45 minutes and is intermediate/advanced in both choreography and intensity. After you get going, it's more on the advanced side. Marcos is very creative, and he doesn't baby you through the moves -- his breakdowns are fairly quick, but I don't find them so quick that I'm lost. Others who like more of a breakdown might find this frustrating.

The production quality is a lot better than in his previous set of tapes (the old ones were done by Sara's City -- need I say more?). The only thing is that the camera person doesn't always show what the exerciser wants to see. It's somewhat annoying, but not too big of a deal.

I like Marcos' Nonstop Step even better than this, but this is good, too. Grade A.

Annie S.

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