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Tie One On

Charlene Prickett

i love charlene, her friends and her low impact cardio workouts (floor and step) and this one is no different.

it is billed as an advanced level workout though and i really dont see why. i would say that it is at the intermediate level. maybe she says that it is advanced because it is 60 minutes long?? i dunno, but i still say that it is

lots of fun and easy choreography in this one as well as her others. done on the pure white background but charlene and her 2 friends wear red outfits so they are certainly easy to see on the screen.

my only real complaint about this workout is the lack of music. there is some but it is so low that i could barely hear it, so it might as well not been there
at all. some good music would have really been the icing on the cake for this workout.

i still enjoyed it quite a bit and it did not make me feel like i was going to keel over. actually i found the cardio to be moderate so next time i will use bigger movements to up the cardio factor.

Instructor comments:

Carolyn Visser

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