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Charlene Prickett

Both workouts on this DVD are very short, coming in at under a half hour each. Both have mostly low impact moves, although they each contained one high impact movement. The choreography is basic and won't be foreign to anyone who has other Charlene workouts. What I like about these workouts is that they will be perfect for days when I want to work out with weights, but need a little cardio beforehand to warm me up. These will add options for those who usually get their low impact beginner workouts from Leslie Sansone tapes. My biggest concern is that I don't lose this DVD. It came in a very small, square, thin, clear plastic case - at least I won't have to search for space to store it in!



i have to say right away that i really enjoy low impact aerobics. im very thankful that people like charlene put out
low impact workouts that work for me.

There are two 30 minute workouts on this dvd. I have done the first and after doing 20 mins of low impact with charlene and her two friends today, i was sweaty, breathing heavily and smiling. and i was pleased to then have charlene take about 8 minutes to stretch out the legs afterward.

Charlene has 2 friends with her, they wear microphones so they count reps and chat and give form pointers along with charlene.

they workout on a completely white background so you can really see their bodies and what they are doing quite clearly. the white is a bit boring though when the choreography is not difficult -- at times it would have been nice to have something else to
rest the eyes on during the routine.

overall i thought that this was a solid fat-burner that used simple steps combined with big leg and arm movements to up the cardio factor.

i believe that the 2nd workout on the dvd is a bit more advanced.

Instructor comments:

Carolyn Visser

Love: The length of the video, and some of the moves I've not encountered before. This is the only video that exhausts my hip flexors.

Hate with a purple passion: The all-white set. I just can't buy any more Charlene tapes unless it goes away.

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