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Step It Off, Step It All Off

Another winner from the "new" Charlene. Her last few step tapes have shown a more creative side of Charlene and they're a lot more fun and interesting than her earlier step tapes.

This is an hour-long tape with about 45 minutes of stepping. Intensity is intermediate/ advanced, and choreography is intermediate. She always starts you with a more basic move that you can keep if you don't want to do the more advanced options. And her cueing is absolutely impeccable. She's always been great at that, but I think she's even better now.

At the end of the tape during the stretch, she says she's 50 years old, and she loves intense work. Then she asks her class participants if they think she'll still be doing this at age 80. You can tell she's honestly wondering about it and wanting to always be able to do things like this. I guess even the fittest of the fit have their worries, too. But my money's on Charlene -- if anyone can continue to work so hard at age 80, it's her!

Instructor comments: Charlene is 50 years old at the time of this video, and I can only hope that I have her stamina and strength when I'm 50. Not that I have it now, but maybe I can catch up to her by then!

Annie S.

I will start off by telling you some of the good things about this video. I liked that you work out in the beautiful mountains. Picturesqe beauty. I also liked Charlene's friendly attitude. That is about it.

The things I didn't like about this video is that it was too easy for me. Too many step taps and basic stepping and straddles that last forever. Charlene does add higher impact and turns but it didn't hold my attention since I'm used to CIA or Cathe Friedrich tough stepping. I also hated that the camera films SIDEWAYS a lot of the times and it made me dizzy!!! I didn't like Charlene's outfit( mustard yellow pants with orange sock!!????). Charlene talks too much and forgets to change a move so you are straddling and straddling ect,ect. I also didn't like the end when one of the background exerciser says you are supposed to drink room temperature water and Charlene said that she thought otherwise. Sometimes I think Charlene acts kinda puffed up like she knows everything and wants you to know it too. Sorry Charlene fans, I had to get it off my chest. I also hated the male background exercers outfit that looks like a too tight tanktop with his belly button showing. The music was the same step music she uses in her other tapes. Kinda gets boring. Charlene does do some Cathe choreography like the shuffle repeater move in Step Max and the step knee up and go around your step like in Step Fit.

This is an ok video but I was looking at the clock most of the time.

Instructor comments: Charlene looks amazing at the age 50. Very inspiring. She is cheerful and has alot of energy. She has a little bit of trouble cueing because I got confused on some of the moves.

Mandy Lee

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