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Rev Up The Sequel

I know most of you don't care for Charlene because of her chattiness, but this aerobics video is quite good. It begins with a 9 minute warm-up (naturally with Charlene chattering on), and it goes into an all high-impact aerobics section for 37 minutes. It is very high impact with interval training interspersed in. She does jumping jacks, lunges, jumps, legs and arms going at the same time. It is a very invigorating, advanced video. As far as intensity goes, it compares to Sweat Express by Kari Anderson. When I want to go all out in my aerobics, these two videos pop up in my mind. I recommend it for the very advanced.

MaryAnn Parker

This 60-minute high/low workout (mostly high)will really keep you sweating. It's not the most creative workout in the world, but it certainly does its job. The moves are not dancy -- they're more athletic (lunges, knee lifts, etc). Towards the middle, there's a mini-interval routine where you run in place bringing your knees (and heart rate) way up, then you "bounce" in place to rest, then start all over again. The ending stretch is nice; Charlene is great about giving you a good stretch when you're done.
Charlene never fails to make me work hard, but I would like to see a little more creativity in the routines. I give this one a B.

Annie S.

I happen to really like this video. I have days where I want a solid workout but don't want to bother with choreography and this fits the bill. This tape has a 10 minute warm up, a full 40 minutes of hi impact aerobics, and a 10 minute cool down. The moves are very simple and basic, mostly knee ups, side kicks, front kicks, lunges, with lots of different arms patterns added in for variety and non stop movements. I didn't get bored with this video even though it was simple to learn. My heart rate stayed elevated through the whole workout and it was actually fun to do. If you are an advanced exerciser who wants a simple workout but still a challenge to do, I would recommend this one.

Instructor comments: I usually don't like all of Charlene's chattiness but it didn't seem to bother me in the video because I guess it was more about interesting things than just talking.

Dawn Henson

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