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Lighten Up

Charlene Prickett

This is a very good intermediate step tape broken down in two half hour workouts. I timed the cardio and combined it is a little over 44 minutes. I did the first one and decided to do the second one. The second one is tougher. I felt my heart rate rising and sweating harder. I love the simple choreography and that the flow is constant. It got me in my target zone very soon and it stayed there. I have this thing where I know I am in my zone when my chest starts to sweat. (I know it sounds weird but true). My chest was coated with sweat during both parts of this video. I would like more videos like this to work out at home to. I never liked to work out at home. Always too lazy or too tired or too whatever but this video makes me want to work out. If you are looking for Cathe like choreography, move on but if you want simple but effective heart rate raising step, this video is one you should consider. Charlene does her chatter and even shows a card her daughter got her but I liked that because it reminds me of the close relationship between me and my daughter. It made me feel good when she was talking about her because I was thinking of my little girl. :) So overall a solid intermediate workout that I enjoyed very much. I give it an A.

Instructor comments: I wonder how tall Charlene is. She appears very tall in her video. I really love and admire Charlene. She is in great shape and she seems to be close to her daughter which I like.


October 20, 2006

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