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Fat Fighter

This 30-minute video is a compilation of different segments from Charlene's It Figures TV show. There is a lot of high impact that can be modified to low. One person always shows the low option, and there is even a pregnant woman in one section. All the moves are basic choreography, but intermediate/advanced intensity. This is good for short days or for weight-work days when you want to combine aerobics. I'll give it a B+. I like her longer workouts better, but this is a nice high-impact alternative.

Annie S.

I had been sitting on this video for some time now. I decided to blow the dust off and use it finally. I got started at 11:28. At 11:34 I had to stop. In those six minutes, Charlene had done jumping jacks, double jumping jacks, running, high knees and running with high knees. All of that in six minutes and all in the beginning. It was too much for me. This is a high intensity high impact tape. Not for the weak of heart. I was heated like an oven and my heart was beating like you wouldn't believe. Not too many people will admit it but right now this tape is too heavy for me. I intend to use it when I am more in shape. I had taken about a month off from working out and this isn't the tape to get me back into it. Don't let what I say discourage you. If you want high impact with high intensity pretty much throughout the whole workout, buy this tape. What I can't get over is Charlene laughing and casually talking while doing these moves. This tape works. It is good and it is high impact and it will challenge you. It is not as long as her other tapes but you will feel it when you are done. To be honest, you will probably feel it shortly after you start like I did. If you want to be challenged or ready to move on from intermediate, this is the tape for you just have a lot of water and an absorbent towel on hand. Although I lasted a short time, I give this tape an A because does what it says: Fight Fat. I put in another of her less intense tapes but I am still amazed by Fat Fighter. I now know that when I get into better shape, I have this tape I can do. I like the music too. It reminds me of a Charlie Brown tune. lol.

Instructor comments: How Charlene is laughing and talking normally during this high impact tape is astounding. It's as if she does this every day.


October 20, 2006

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