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  • Star of "It Figures", which formerly aired on Lifetime Television

After buying "Less Impact, More Results" and borrowing a couple of her videos from the library, I concluded Charlene Prickett is not a favorite of mine. She chit-chats positively _nonstop_ throughout her videos, and it does interfere with her teaching. Also, her form is awkward and her routines are numbingly repetitive. Either Charlene has an immense cult following out there somewhere, or she has plenty of time and money to make videos, because a recent Collage catalog lists no less than 14 Prickett videos, including 4 step ones. All I can say is, rent or borrow a Prickett video before buying one. I wish I had.

Sue Bryant

I find Charlene to be perfect for me. I have never been able to follow complex choreography and I am not looking for new and different steps that wear me out. I do like Charlene's chatty style and the fact that she is my age--maybe a little bit younger--makes me feel good about her.


Charlene always gives a challenging workout, if not the most exciting. She and the class chat a lot -- mostly about exercise tips, diet, safety, nutrition, etc. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I like her chatter! It takes my mind off what I'm doing. She doesn't chatter during the complex steps, only the ones where you don't need to concentrate on your footwork.
Charlene is at her best teaching high-impact. Charlene is one of my favorite instructors. She gives a lot of educational information in this video (Fat Fighter), such as who needs electrolyte-replacement drinks, whether those are better than water, and what happens if you drink too much water. She also talks about estrogen replacement therapy.

Annie S.

I admit that Charlene is chatty; however, those of us who have worked out with her for more than ten years on Lifetime Television are hooked. She does give heathful hints on her videos as well as she did on television. The reason why I constantly go back to her videos is that I will work out with them and don't find excuses why I can't work out that day.

Karen Miller

After reading the generally negative comments about Charlene Pricket I felt I had to put in my two cents worth.

Fifteen years ago, prior to marriage and children, I was a 15-25 mile a week runner. I started doing Charlene Pricket (who at that time was on our local public television channel). She was one of the first to use a combination of weights, step and high impact on alternate days. I did her shows for years . . . they were my "prequel" to the Firm, which I now swear by. I guess I'm in the minority, but I loved her "chattiness", loved her "teamates" (one of which was daughter, Zanna(?). After I had my second child I used her tapes again to warm myself up to getting back to the Firm. I missed Charlene when Lifetime took her off the air.

Pamela B

At various points I've tried virtually every fitness show on North American television, and Charlene remains the only one I can stand at 6 or 6:30 a.m., which is the only time I'm dazed enough to exercise without complete boredom. She's great for women over 40 (my 80-year-old mother, extremely fit, is a great fan, too). As an ex-ballet dancer and current medical researcher who still keeps abreast of developments in physiotherapy, biomechanics, and sports medicine, I'm bowled over: nobody does as good a job of keeping me painlessly up to date with important studies and developments, so there's typically a lot of info gracefully conveyed. That's one of the things that really distinguishes Charlene from the rest of the pack and keeps me coming back. If you want to look at drop-dead gorgeous bodies and still have the illusion you can acquire one yourself and maintain it after 40, maybe go elsewhere (I'll happily go to dance class or performances for that); but I'd rather have safe and informed exercise, with suggested adaptations for various limitations or fitness levels, than fancy choreography and sometimes dangerous exercises (most other people DO seem insensitive to physical limitations that arise post-natally and post-40, and they DO give exercises that are biomechanically unsound). Charlene's videos and television shows are real keepers--comfortable, low-key, yet incredibly effective for developing and maintaining fitness.

Peggy Sue

I have been a fan for 15 years and was extremely upset when her shows were taken off the tv. She is the only one that looks like a normal woman and not some Barbie doll.

I have no interest in watching some plastic silicon bimbo dancing around in hawaii - she shows us that we normal women young and old can have fun, be fit and laugh with it too. I love the fact that she chats, some of us have brains and become extremely bored when we work out, listening to her jokes and all the information is a treat.

Instructor comments: Friendly, real life, enthusiastic and keeps me interested TAKES MY MIND OFF THE WORK !!

Lavinia Martin

I would like to comment about Charlene in general. I love her chattiness! Combined with the low impact long videos, it makes the time go by quickly. Her cueing is fantastic and you get to choose the intensity at which you work. I am a convert and new fan. So far I have two great low impact, high intensity tapes and I will be adding more. The Canadian Rockies she uses as a backdrop in some of her videos are wonderful. This summer (El Nino 98) was a sweltering one in California and the tape with the fogbank and rain in the background was visually refreshing. So is Charlene!


Im 24 years old, if it wasnt for seeing Charlene my whole life, I wouldnt have started exercising. Im very small and skinny, I tried her workout to build defintion and it worked. ALong with her nutrition advice and fitness knowledge, I learned so much that I am now taking a fitness and nutrition course and its a piece of cake to me because Charlene has already said most of these things Im reading! She is a fantastic leader of exercise, a great role model, and her exuberance is incredible. I highly recommend her viedos to anyone and would even work for her if I could!

Jennifer Underwood

I want Charlene Prickett back on our local tv or cable station! I began watching her over 14 years ago and there is no other fitness instructor on tv today that even comes close to her. She is so informative and you just feel like she is your best friend working out with you. When I just don't feel like exercising I just pop in her video and there she is, motivating me. She is not phony or sugar coated and she sure does not treat you like you are stupid. Just had to speak my mind. go Charlene Prickett! Go girl!

cindy s.


I have been a follower of charlene prickett since I was about 7 years old i used to wake up at 6am to dance with her over the years i have experimented with many activities and other instructors and have yet to come accross anybody or video I like better. i still use taped videos of hers from t.v. to mix up the program. She's witty, energetic and full of knowledge. Her fitness level is inspiring and she has always been ahead of the crowd(early to step,yoga and weight training). She always has a higher option for us diehards and a low option for beginners. I am always awaiting a new video.

august 20 2003

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