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Cruising Altitude

Charlene Prickett

This is another great cardio video for Charlene fans. Not too fancy, although she has some new moves and makes her routines a little longer - she has a run "rock back" step I liked. You don't need 2000 square feet to do this workout and it's not a complex dance routine. She never does the TIFTT so you're never bored. You can get a great cardio workout using little space. She has that strange music that was also in "Oxygen in, Calories out" and it goes for the whole workout except the stretch but it didn't seem to bother me since I was trying to concentrate on the moves and not step on my 22 month old!! The tape is 60 minutes, with about 47 minutes of straight cardio and a stretch at the end (she doesn't do stretches at the beginning anymore).

Instructor comments: Charlene is always perky and is in great shape. I enjoy her relaxed attitude with her work-out mates.

Tammy Porter
July 31/02

This is a more serious intense workout than Start your Engines. Wow! Charlene is really working it in this video. The moves seemed complex but they will fatigue you. It seemed she was chatting less but I didn't really notice. LOL. This workout is very good and it wil work you. You will sweat. Charlene is quickly becoming one of my favorite instructors. The only negative thing about this video is her hair. She should stick to the curly do. Otherwise this video is perfect in every way. Watch out for those big knees. Yow! This is similar to Start your engine but has that extra edge. I really sweated up a storm with this video. Another excellent production from Charlene. Highly recommeneded.

Instructor comments: I am falling in love with Charlene. She is very friendly and if she ever had an open call for people to workout with her I would try to be the first in line. I love her cueing and I chuckle a bit when she says, "have a look", and I adore her canadian accent. Definitely a cool chick.


April 18, 2006

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