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Aerobic 3 pack

Her routines are easy enough not to be frustrating and her cuing is very clear. Even my husband will work out with Charlene. We tried Denise Austin, The Firm, and Kathy Smith and he likes Charlene. The only time I was ever really successful at losing weight was when Charlene was on Lifetime in the US. Please come back! Until then I will continue to buy the videos of the 30 minute shows and others. I love for the workout to be different each day.

Instructor comments: I love Charlene! I have been working out with her since she was on TV in the states in the early eighties. She has changed her style with the times and the research. She is a real person with a job, a family, and friends. Her chatty style makes the workout fun opposed to the drudge of constant counting or the patronizing "good job" of other instructors. No ESPN style instructors in a bra 2 sizes too small or an instructor in platform shoes dressed in drag. Thank goodness!


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