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I find that Susan Powter's tapes are excellent for encouraging modification and working within one's own fitness level. I am also using "Energy Sprint" by Karen Voight and use things that Susan Powter has demonstrated in her videos to decrease the level of intensity to a place where I can keep up without hyperventilating. I had never really considered modification as an option before buying "Lean, Strong and Healthy", so I am quite thankful to see a formerly unfit person producing exercise tapes. I know she can go over the edge sometimes, but I really admire Susan and am glad that she is out there. (And she only uses " real people" in her videos - as she put it "You won't find any leotard clad Stepford Wives on my tapes...")

Linda Sharkey

She can be irritating, but she kind of grows on you. You have to hand it to her, she is living proof it can be done.

Michelle Eyring

Very motivational. She doesn't make you feel stupid if you can't do the move and encourages you to modify. Also she doesn't yelp or tell you to smile (something I find very annoying).

Sarah Jackson

Her energy, enthusiasm and encouraging comments help me to get back on the work out wagon every time I stray - and there have been many strays!

Heidi Bussiere

I like Susan Powter because she's been there and knows what it's like to be overweight and unfit (she used to weigh 260!). As a result, she does her best to make her videos simple to follow and not intimidating. She shows modifications for everything and actively encourages viewers to modify moves, and she keeps the choreography simple. "All levels work together" in her videos, which means some of the participants are modify moves to make them easier, and some are modifying them to make them more challenging. I definitely encourage beginners to start with her videos!

Lisa Speckhardt

Well known from her infomerical and book, Stop the Insanity, Susan is passionate about getting fitness information to those who need it most. She emphasizes form, resistance and control in her routines. She is a great motivator and empathetic to the needs of those who are unfit, overweight or have physical considerations.

Denise B

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