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Powerstrike Millenium Series #4

Ilaria Montagnani

This is a review of the Powerstrike video released in 2006 (not sure if this is "Powerstrike 4"; the DVD cover just says "Powerstrike"). The DVD is chaptered, however you cannot access the chapters from a main menu (there is no main menu). Instead, you have to advance the chapters with your remote control.

Setting: The workout takes place in a modern aerobics studio with windows. There are three background exercisers.

Music: Techno (sounds like Madonna-esque dance music)

The video starts out with Ilaria demonstrating each of the punches and kicks that will be used in the workout. The punches are: jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, karate punches, and karate blocks. The kicks include front push, roundhouse, and crescent kicks.

After a short warm up, you start going through the punches with varying tempos. After the punches, you do the same thing with the kicks. This section lasts about 20 minutes and it is designed to get you acclimated to the punches and kicks.

The next section is the combinations (there are two). Each combination is taught add-on style: first you do a move slowly, then bring it to tempo, then add on the next move. Combination #1 includes front push, roundhouse, jabs, and crosses. Combination #2 includes karate punches, blocks, and crescent kicks. After the two combinations are finished, you stop and do the whole routine on the other lead. Again, each combination is built up on that side. This entire section lasts about 25 minutes.

There is a short cool down with minimal stretching--you'll probably have to add some stretches, esp. for the hip flexors.

Overall, I really enjoyed this video! It's a good, low-impact kickboxing workout that you can grow with. Focus is placed on good form. You can do this workout with very minimal space. I would say the level is intermediate/advanced. I finished exercising about two hours ago, and my legs and back already feel sore.

Grade: A

Instructor comments: Ilaria has an Italian accent, but I had no problems understanding her and she has excellent cueing. She demonstrates excellent form and thoroughly explains each move. She has a pleasant personality and a good rapport with the background exercisers. She is very muscular and appears to be in excellent shape.

Christina F (aka Verine)


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