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Core Secrets FUNdamentals

Gunnar Peterson

This workout is a real workout with a warm-up and cool-down, but really would probably only appeal to those just starting out using a stability ball. It describes 10 exercises in detail with good form pointers and you work along with the video. I no longer have the workout so I cannot list the 10 exercises, however, I believe it included a bit of upperbody, lower body and ab work. I would only recommend this to beginners. Otherwise I would recommend one of the other Core Secrets workouts.

Lisa C.


I have worked with some of Gunnar Peterson's other Core Secrets workouts ("Accelerated Core Training" and "Full Body Challenge") and enjoyed them tremendously. I was curious to see how he would design a workout that was geared to folks who would be brand to the ball (or even possibly exercise in general).

I literally just finished doing this FUNdamentals program for the first time just before writing this and wanted to share my thoughts while it was fresh in my mind. I was definitely VERY impressed with it!

The program starts with an introduction with Gunnar Peterson and Brooke Burke. They cover some basic things you need to know regarding the ball and what to expect from the upcoming workout.

On the DVD this is chaptered separately from the main workout.

The program consists of a warm up, 10 exercises (which cover the whole body from head to toe), and a short cool down.

The exercises in the main workout are:

1. Squat (holding the ball in front of you)
2. Triceps Extension (both arms at the same time while seated on the ball)
3. Shoulder Press (seated on the ball)
4. Crunch (lying across the ball)
5. Hamstring Press (lying on your back with you feet on the ball, you raise yourself up into a bridge position)
6. Seated Back Extension (seated on the ball, you bend over and then raise up using the back muscles).
7. Bent Over Rows (Seated on the ball)
8. Biceps Curls (seated on the ball)
9. Pushup (with your torso or legs on the ball depending on your level of strength)
10. Drape (you lie prone over the ball, very nice release)

Each exercise, which is separately chaptered, is first demonstrated by Brooke with Gunnar and Brooke giving you tips on proper form.

I am an advanced exerciser (though still relatively new to stability ball work) and have used some other, more advanced Core Secrets workouts ("Accelerated Core Training" and "Full Body Challenge"). I puchased this program (which also has "Give Me Twenty" on it) to pick up some extra tips about working with the stability ball.

Gunnar is a world class personal trainer who has a gift for clear and concise instructions. He gives you plenty of information without overinstructing. He is also engaging and very natural in front of the camera. It's like having him in the room with you.

The program is well produced in a bright studio and simply filmed so that you can easily follow what is going on.

FUNdamentals is definitely a very basic workout that I feel would be exceptional for someone brand new to exercise (or returning after a long layoff) or great for someone who is an experienced exerciser but new to stability ball work.

I can see using it as a warm up as well as a way to reinforce my technique with the ball. It's also great to use if you are low on energy or perhaps returning to working out after being sick since it covers the whole body and will stimulate the muscles without over taxing you.

HIGHLY recommended!!

Instructor comments: As I mentioned in the review. Gunnar has a great blend of being personable, clear and concise. He is very easy to follow and also has a gift for designing excellent and effective programs. He also doesn't try "too hard" to be entertaining while instructing yet I didn't find him to be too dry either.



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