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Abs and Chest of Steel for Men

Michael Perron

This video is a Men of Steel series. It is just him and a room. He is almost robotic; just to the basics in this workout. There is a warm-up, then the workout consists of crunches and pec-flies interchanged. This would be good for someone who needs a lot of abdominal work, that can't take a lot at one time. The pec-flies and chest presses are done on the floor. I plan to use my step as a bench, to get the full range of motion. I actually bought this for my husband, and he really likes it. I'd give this tape an A.

Instructor comments: He is just so good looking! His personality doesn't shine through this video, as in his show on ESPN2 or his Crunch video. This video is for men, and he just doesn't flirt with the camera the same. I missed that!

Lorrie Gigler

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