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Comments about Dawn Pappas

I'm going to try to be kind, since I didn't actually do the video. I can't believe this woman is AFAA certified or that she found a production company to make this video. She flies around the floor uncontrollably, seemingly with no thought of form or safety. It looks like she made these moves up on the spot, with no preparation. She's a terrible cuer and doesn't keep with the beat.

Joni O

Dawn Pappas is a very energetic instructor and spares you boredom by mixing up her moves so you get something different throughout the workout.


Dawn might be better under other circumstances, but I will think twice before buying another of her tapes. In this one, she's a good "do-er" but a poor teacher. One other comment: If any of us were to make a video, I'm sure we would all try to look our absolute best -- you know, nice hair, makeup, clothes. In this tape, Dawn wears a *lot* of makeup -- much more than is flattering. It makes her look harsh. I'm sure she was trying to look good for the camera, but she overdid it. Besides, in real life, who puts on makeup to exercise?

Annie S.

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