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Cardio Coach Volume 5

Sean O'Malley

Cardio Coach Volume 5
-Sean O’Malley

To keep in mind:
1. I have done this workout3 times
2. I consider myself to be intermediate-advanced (although not in strength training)

Level – Cardio Coach is something that can be done at various fitness levels (how hard you work depends on your heart-rate and/or perceived exertion level). Nevertheless, I might add that this workout is a little more advanced than the other 4 volumes because:
A) It’s longer (clocking in at 53.7 minutes, excluding the final stretch).
B) The challenges are longer.
C) There is comparatively less steady-state time allotted between the challenges.

Features – The program is all divided up into tracks (which are listed as the numbers in the workout breakdown). You can pick tracks (or choose to skip them or replay them if you choose). You can also get a “music only” version – it will come with the package of purchasing the volume 5 workout.

Overall production – Excellent, in my opinion. Good music, good voiceover, it all fits together well. The customer service is great.

What I like about this workout –
1. Volume 5 is much more interactive in terms of you, the exerciser, and Sean. Compared to volumes 3 and 4 (which I have), Sean talks to you a lot more during this workout in order to encourage you. He also talks to you a lot about how your body/mind connection. He also seems to focus more on developing your mentality and motivation and how these factors affect your workout.

2. The last challenge transitions right into the cool-down. I like this because I felt that I really could give the last challenge all my effort. After the last challenge, you really feel like the workout is winding down.

3. I loved the song that comes on during the cool-down. I find the tune and lyrics very satisfying and empowering after having finished the workout.

Only one (very minor) issue to keep in mind:
1. As the program is written up, the last challenge should be a set of “treks” or a combined hill and sprint. As you are exercising, however, you are told to get ready to increase your speed, but there is no mention (that I noticed) of increasing your incline. This is just something to keep in mind as you get to the last challenge.

Breakdown: The breakdown is listed on the website ( For quick reference:
3.Challenge 1 (3 level-3 hill climbs each for 4 min., 2 minute break between each)
5.Challenge 2 (6 level-3 sprints, each for 1min., 30sec break between each)
7.Challenge 3 (4 level-4 treks (combined incline+sprint), each for 30sec., 90sec break between each)

This is probably my favorite Cardio Coach Cd. I find it to be the most motivating. I also find it to be the hardest. As the first challenge is quite long, and the workout overall is rather intense, this volume is probably best suited for intermediate or advanced exercisers. Beginners *might* find it frustrating because it’s very motivating (really makes you want to do it all), but it is still rather advanced.

This workout is a keeper for me! If you’ve tried other volumes (like 3 and 4) and didn’t like them, I’m not so sure that this one will convince you. If you are looking for a really good workout and are an advanced exerciser, you can probably go to this volume as your first. If you are intermediate, you might try one of the other volumes first to get used to this kind of workout and/or to gage what your incline, sprint, exertion levels should be. Finally, remember to start slow and pace yourself the first time you do this workout (I found that I couldn’t use the same settings for this one that I use on volume 3, for example).

Instructor comments: He is great! He is very involved with these workouts; you can tell he put a lot of thought and care into designing and producing them.


I bought this because I love CArdio Coach. I have every volume except Vol 1. I was really apprehensive before doing this one because Vol 4 is so difficult for me. I LOVED it!!! The first challage has FOUR MINUTE intervals. I did a standing climb for this and really felt it in the glutes. The seconf challenge has short challenges. Each set of challenges is different and I liked that a lot. The music is great and the cooldown music had vocals, which is unusual for CC music. This is my favorite CC workout so far. I will buy anything Sean puts out. He rocks.

Instructor comments: Sean is awesome.

Peggy T.

Volume 5 is the longest of the Cardio Coach workouts at around 50 minutes. I have only done this workout outside (I can't stand to be on the treadmill for too long). I do an easy jog for levels 1 and 2, a medium paced run for level 3, and a fast run for level 4. I've actually run course records with this workout!

There are 3 steady states, followed by 3 challenges. The steady states are around 3 minutes long.

Challenge 1: 3 4 minute level 3 hills.

Challenge 2: 6 1 minute level 3 sprints

Challenge 3: 6 (I think) 30 second level 4 sprints with 90 seconds rest.

I own Volumes 2, 4, and 5 and this is my favorite.

Instructor comments: Sean is motivating and uses visuals that have to do with health and strength rather than vanity. He also throws something in once in a while to make you laugh.



The workout is very challenging. The music is very good.

There's a 4-5 minute warmup
Then, a steady state (I forgot how long that is)

Then, Challenge 1- the hardest of the challenges. 3 hills, I think. Each at least 4 minutes.

Then a steady state for a short whilte.

Challenge 2 has 6 sprints where you go very fast for a minute, and then recover for a minute

Then a steady state again for 3 minutes

Then, Challenge 3, with 4 sprints, 30 seconds fast, 1.5 minutes recovery.

Then a cooldown, stretch.

I didn't get to do the cooldown and stretch as I ran out of time, but the entire workout was really motivating and fun. I burned about 500 calories on the elliptical trainer and wasn't clock watching at all.

Instructor comments: Sean is very motivating and doesn't talk a lot about appearances as a way to motivate.



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