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Cardio Coach Volume 4

Sean O'Malley

This is an audio workout designed to be used on cardio equipment. I use it on a stationary bike to simulate a spinning class, and let me tell ya - this audio CD ROCKS!!!

There is about a 5 minute warmup where you get your heartrate elevated to a steady state. Then the challenges begin. There are 3 challenges in total, with a 3 minute break in between.

The first challenge is a 2 minute sprint, then 30 second rest, 2 minute climb, 30 second rest, and 2 minute sprint. The second challenge has the two minutes split into first minute hard and second minute super hard. All the challenges are 2 minutes long, and are grouped in 3's with a 30 second break. This workout has me gasping for air and sweating BUCKETS. The music is intrumental sort of eastern sounding. Coach Sean has encouraging comments interspersed with the music. What I REALLY love about this is that I can do this while the Red Sox or Cubs game is on, and I can still hear the baseball game. :^) (I can also, unfortunately, hear DH screaming that the Red Sox AGAIN left guys on base - )...
I got this as an MP3 download, and it is SO worth the 14 bucks I paid for it. I could see me doing this on the step, or using it for hi/lo in addition to my bike, its that versatile.

Instructor comments: Very motivating.

Peggy T
May 4, 2005

Cardio Coach Volume 4

This is an audio only guided interval cardio workout. What can be said about Vol 4? This ROCKS! I found myself smiling about 10 minutes in and it just got better and time went quicker. This workout is about 50 minutes long including warm-up and stretch. These workouts are recommended for any type of cardio machine (treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, etc), and for walking or jogging outside.

I use Cardio Coach workouts primarily on the rebounder, as well as for walking outside. It is cardio interval training at itís best. When he says to increase resistance, I up the tempo, which is so easy because of the great music and rockiní beat. His voice is not grating in the least, and I cannot recall anything he says getting on my nerves (this happens frequently with me when instructors say silly things or mispronounce words, etc). Further to my delight comes Yodaís voice from The Empire Strikes Back saying: ďDo or do not. There is no tryĒ Talk about winning my heart!

I have also used the instrumental version of this for a lunchtime walk during the work- week. The music helps me keep a great pace. I found myself tapping my foot at the crosswalks, and smiling.

Itís funny. Iíd NEVER considered buying a treadmill before, but thanks to coach Sean OíMalley and Cardio Coach, I will consider it now. Thatís how good these workouts are. I consider myself to be an advanced intermediate exerciser (maybe more toward advanced when Iím injury free!). Iíve been using videos/DVDs for workouts at home for about 8 or 9 years. These workouts have helped save my sanity as I have not been able to do step or kickboxing in the last four months due to a knee injury. These workouts ( I have Vol 1 through 4) are one of the BEST investments Iíve made in the last 12 months.

Instructor comments: Great voice! Not too chatty or too over the top in encouragement. His words sound very sincere.

Beth Oakley

June 8, 2005

Length: 51 minutes (including 6 minute stretch)

Format: (Ch = challenge / SS = steady state)

~ Intro (1:34)
~ Warm Up (4:49)
~ Ch 1 (8:15) 3 x 2 minute level 3 Intervals (Hill/Sprint/Hill) with 30 sec rest.
~ SS (2:49)
~ Ch 2 (7:56) 3 x 2 minute HILLS (1 min level 3, 1 min level 4) with 30 sec rest
~ SS (2:47)
~ Ch 3 (11:00) 4 x varying length intervals (Hill/Sprint then repeat)
~ SS (4:02)
~ Cool down (3:09)
~ Stretch (6:17)

I find this workout to be one of the more difficult Cardio Coach workouts because of the short rests. I donít love the final challenge just because it is more random, and I usually prefer to have intervals that are the same repeated few times where I can try maintaining the same pace for the last interval that I had for the first. But this is a good workout that is finished in under 45 minutes (without the stretch.)

I personally am not that inspired by the music in CC workouts. It is fine, but I prefer real music with vocals, so I canít say that is why I like doing these workouts. It is more to have Sean in my ear pushing me.

Instructor comments:

Lisa C


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