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Sean O'Malley

This is the second in a series of Cardio Coach audio workouts. Like Volume 1, it is a great workout on my elliptical. This workout is about 40 minutes long. There is less coaching by Sean. Still, enough to keep you motivated.

Volume 2 is more of a hills workout. I donít know if I will use it as often as V.1, which is intervals. The music is better here, although still with some retro 70ís feel. More piano and less saxophone.

You can make this as tough or easy as you wish. I think it will take a few tries to find out the best settings for it on my elliptical. Having incline as well as resistance settings on your cardio equipment can enhance the difficulty a great deal!

Here is a breakdown of the chapters:

1. Intro 00:58 Brief intro
2. Warm-up 02:10
3. Steady State One 03:15
4. Challenge One 04:48
5. Rest / Steady State 2 03:01
6. Challenge 2 07:40
7. Rest / Steady State 3 04:49
8. Challenge 3 02:51
9. Cool Down 04:33
10.Coach's Notes 04:46

Cardio Coach can be used on other home cardio equipment. Treadmills, etc. I look forward to Volume 3!

NOTE: Vol, 2 comes in a cardboard and plastic case.

Instructor comments: Sean has a great voice. Motivating and enthusiastic.



I've had the free download for awhile and have listened to it, but always been distracted by kids or dogs, and haven't had the opportunity to use it in a real workout until today. If you are just listening to it, it is mildly interesting but not too exciting.

Today at lunch time I put on my Ipod and did the w/o. My intention was to turn what would otherwise be transportation walking to get some lunch, into a mild cardio workout where I got my heartrate up but didn't sweat too much. And boy did it do the trick. I found myself going six or seven blocks out of my way just to finish the w/o. :)

There is something so strangely compelling in the mix of music and coaching that just makes you want to go, go, go. The visual imagery that Sean uses along with the sort of new age-ish music just had me walking faster and faster.

I can't wait to get home tonight and do Vol. 2 again as a full blown workout.

Instructor comments: Sean has a great voice and is so encouraging and motivating that he just pushes you to that next level.



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