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Sean O'Malley

I was getting desperate for workouts I could do with my elliptical and this is a good one. The cardio portion is about 30 minutes. It goes by very quickly.
I found I could make this into a killer if I wanted to. The first time I took it easy.

One of the big selling points for the Cardio Coach series is the music. I liked it, but it didn’t set me on fire. It is said to be better than that in Spinervals. Never having heard Spinervals, I cannot compare. Some of the music reminded me of old action cop shows from the 70’s (Starsky & Hutch, Charlie’s Angels) That is not necessarily a bad thing.

The main selling point for me is Coach Sean. He keeps things going with his energy and enthusiasm.

Here is a breakdown of the workout.

Track 1 - Disclaimer 2:22
Track 2 - Meet your coach 4:35
Track 3 - Warm up 5:00
Track 4 - Steady State 1 3:51
Track 5 - Challenge 1 7:59
Track 6 - Challenge 2 5:07
Track 7 - Steady State 2 3:47
Track 8 - Cool down 4:17
Track 9 - Closing Comments 3:23

This workout can also be used with treadmills, etc.

Instructor comments: Sean has a great voice. He does a lot of coaching and talking in this first volume of a series. In further volumes there is supposed to be less coaching.



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