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Savage and Serene

Michael Olajide

Iím going to focus most of my comments on the Aerobox portion of this workout (Savage).
For reference, Iím an advanced exerciser who loves Powerstrikes, Tae Bo Ripped Advanced, Catheís Kick, Punch and Crunch, and Tracey S.ís Sweatkick. Savage challenged me, but it didnít wipe me out!
This workout has four rounds, with boxing, some version of squats, and jump roping in each round. Michael O. lets you catch your breath between in each round, so itís intense but doable. In the boxing sections, he starts with slow punches and then increases the speed.

I can't use a jump rope because of my ceiling, but I used one pound hand weights and did all the jumping moves pretending I was jump-roping -- with the weights like handles in my hands. My biceps were screaming by the end of the workout! I tried to keep up with Michael's jump time and the types of moves (eg. ski jumps, high jumps, one legged jumps) -- and I think I did, except for one move where he does a kind of double whip with the rope in the air. I just jumped as high as I could. The varied jumps are interesting and fun Ė and you could easily just do the foot patterns and get a good plyo workout.

The boxing punches are basic, but the last sequence gets really tough when he speeds it up. [It's jab-jab-jab-uppercut-jab-hook, or something like this!] The odd-number count punch sequences (eg. 7 count) are a little awkward at first in that you end on the same side that you start the next sequence, but after a while it becomes natural. It will take a few times before I can keep up with Michael Oís speed. But, I just kept going at the speed I was able to maintain and I still felt spent.

I enjoyed this workout -- the three sections in each round gave enough variety, and the breaks between rounds kept it sane. And, if you want it less sane, you can jump during those breaks!

The 57 minutes went by fast for me. I got nice doms the next day Ė not killer, but I definitely got to know some new muscle fibers!

I did a portion of Aeroflow (Serene), but I didn't enjoy it as much. The background is all white, and Michael does a voice over while Leila Fazel does yoga type stretches. There are some good lat stretches, but this section didnít click with me. Itís supposed to be a complement to the aerobox, but to me the ambience was just too dissonant. Iíll give it a few more chances, however.

Instructor comments: Michael Olajide's fitness level is obvious and commands respect from the get go. Some have commented on his sexy voice -- I seemed to hear more of his repeated exhortations to stick with the workout and work hard! I felt more of a personal trainer/coach vibe. His voice is appealing either way!


November 29, 2008

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