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Red Hot Salsa 2

Lisa Nunziella

If you don't have any salsa dancing experience, I predict you will watch this video (and watching it at least twice is a MUST) and say to yourself, "I will never, ever get this", which is exactly what I did, and i HAVE salsa dancing experience! However, if you take the time to practice the steps (and she has a very cool tutorial at the end that "somewhat" breaks down each and every step) and you practice them, you WILL not only get this video, but you will learn how to salsa dance, work up a good sweat and feel very accomplished which is exactly what I did. This video is NOT for the advanced exerciser who wants a great cardio workout ala Cathe. This video is for someone who enjoys dancing (and/or learning how to dance) and wants some brisk exercise. For me it's a keeper for those occasions. I used it as a warmup yesterday before doing Bodypump. The music is good. Could've been better, but it was good and I like the idea that she takes it from the top over and over and over again, but that's me. If you don't like taking it from the top, you may not appreciate it. With these moves, however, taking it from the top only reinforces the learning curve so it worked out well and as you become proficient at this video, then taking it from the top could always be the time to add your own flair to the moves.

Instructor comments: Lisa can really move. She is friendly, encouraging and a pleasure to dance with.

May 3, 2007

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