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Lisa Nunziella

I really like this. The music is "light rap" ... and very good. I tend towards liking vocals in my workout music. The music absolutely fit the dance steps.

She takes it from the top, teaching step by step, and that really works for me - I'm NOT a dancer - have no training or experience beyond fun classes at the gym or on dvd.

She has a special "explains the steps" section, which is very helpful, but I found that i didn't really need it for all the steps.

After she does the workout with taking it from the top, she runs through the entire routine a few times.

I guess you could "outgrow" it - I'm not sure.. i'll let you know in a few months, but it's definitely a fun workout.

It is 42 minutes long, and I felt like i was breathing rapidly enough to be in "the zone". But honestly, it wasn't so much about whether I was getting a cardio workout - my primary goal with these dance videos is to become "a dancer". At least in my own heart, and this dvd will definitely get me there.

Instructor comments: Lisa is just wonderful. She is motivating without any hint of perkiness. She's a dancer, she has a dancer's form, grace and strength. Her instruction style really works for me.



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