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Better Sex Through Yoga Volume 2 (Intermediate)

Jacquie Noelle

It's too bad that the title of this video is likely to turn some people away, as this is actually a good yoga program which focuses on strengthening your core muscles (or "inner sexual core" as it's referred to in the video). The workout begins with several series of sun salutations--you will add 3-legged dog, pigeon, and warrior poses to make each series quite challenging (14 minutes total). Next comes 8 minutes of standing poses. This section begins with simple, dance-y hip rolls and stretches then moves on to balancing postures and forward bends, including an extended wide-legged forward bend.

The longest segment of the video is the floor work (19 minutes). You will begin on your stomach for locust and then flip over to your back for a challenging table/boat series. Also included in this section are lying twists, bridge pose, and seated forward bends. In addition, you will do abs work which includes a pelvic lift series performed with the legs in 3 different positions. Finally, there are some challenging reclined stretches (eg, reclined hero's pose), and then the practice ends with a 4-minute lying guided relaxation.

I enjoyed this practice, particularly the focus on engaging your "sexual inner core" muscles. Although this is not all that different from engaging your abdominals in other yoga videos, I found the near-constant reminders to be both necessary and beneficial. Instructor Jacquie Noelle provided good, non-mirrored cuing, but because the overall sound quality was below average, it was often difficult to hear her instruction. The video also includes occasional on-screen written instruction, but I found that most of the time, I was not in a position to see the TV when these pointers appeared. Finally, I should note that the most erotic thing about the video was the music, which includes slight moaning sounds at times. Frankly, I found the workout to be demanding enough that I barely noticed the music, but it might bother others. Also, this is definitely an intermediate practice, as there is little instruction on how to perform the poses and no modifications are given.

Instructor comments: Jacquie was a good instructor, although given the intermediate level of this video, she didn't provide much explanation on how to perform the poses. She wasn't dressed nearly as sexy as she is on the cover--she wears blue satin shorts and a white baby t-shirt, which she later removes to reveal a tank top underneath.

Beth (aka toaster)

March 11, 2004

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