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Better Sex Through Yoga

Jacquie Noelle


All three in the series are led by Jacquie Noelle. Lovely wood floor setting with flowing curtains and candles. In all three Jacquie explains how yoga improves your sexual core muscles. This is the only real mention of anything sexual. The videos aren't "sexy" and can be watched around children. Written aides sometimes pop up stating further instructions to aide in the practice, and a few times it does mention the sexual core but it's brief. The yoga combines "dance movements" to help loosen up and get further in the pose. I personally liked the sensual beat of the music. Jacquie was very relaxed in her manner. Production quality is good but not "high budget" good. No voice over, Jacquie guides you throughout the flow. Here are the poses broken down from volume 1:

Neck side to side, neck releases.
Slow forward bend with neck releases holding elbows, rock back & forth.
Shoulder rolls.
Sun salutations--flow with warrior poses & several inserted poses. 3 legged dog position, extended lunge stretch with knee forward, back leg knee to ground, drop to elbow on inside of forward knee.
Warrior 1 to Warrior 2 to wide legged forward bend (this is done on one side with sun salutation in between then repeated to otherside)
Next moving side to side hip rolls to open up the pelvis & hip bones, then with knees bend wide you'll do side to side reaches with arms then move into triangle, repeat to other side.
Next move is body rolls, then in a wide angle forward you'll do side to side movements & then with legs together forward bend.
Then you'll squat & come down onto back on floor preparing for table top position.
Next is seated wide legged stretch then you'll do sexy hip rolls where you cross one leg over the other & use the top knee to pull lower one down to stretch. Runners stretch is next. Then on your back you'll do hip stretches, knee to chest & bridges. You'll then roll up onto feet in wide kneed squat position to stretch groin. Poses for your back are next and done on your stomach. Then it's back onto your back for pelvic contractions. Then working inner thighs with legs raised you'll pull them into your body. Jacquie then does tradional curls for your abs. Then it's onto breathing exercises including breath of fire. Then you'll relax into savasanah, relaxation pose.

All three have the same similar warmup. Same music in all three and all include ab work. Level 1 is 30 minutes and Level 2 is 40 minutes. I found those 2 levels very similar, except in level 1 she is alone and in the other two she has two assistants. Level three is 50 minutes and includes more advanced moves in the sequence. These include:
One armed side plank,
Standing head to knee with full leg extended,
Standing grab ankle, extend knee/leg back while reaching forward, balancing on one leg,
Tree pose and then while in tree pose you'll do forward bend to floor,
Bound half moon,
Reverse triangle,
Frog pose,
Full wheel pose with 1 leg extended in the air.

I really enjoyed this set and hope Jacquie puts out more videos!

Instructor comments: Jacquie seemed very at ease and relaxed. Great disposition and lighthearted attitude!

Denise Ruble


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