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Nia Unplugged

Debbie and Carlos Rosas

This is the brand new Nia dvd. I just finished doing it this morning and it is FANTASTIC. It is done to live, in studio percussion music sweetend with soft vocals. It runs about 60 minutes and is billed as an intermediate/advanced workout. It's not a hard workout with complex steps, but a non-stop workout from warm-up to cool down. The drums are intoxicating. The ernergy is high. The background dancers are having lots of fun. It's like being in an African dance class. As with a typical Nia class, it includes vocalizations. So apolologize to your house mates and neighbors, crank up the tv, best down on high volume, and let loose.

I can't say enought about this dvd. I loved it!!

Get it at $15 + SH

Instructor comments: Carlos is energetic and a wild man. Loved him! Debbie is more refined and precise in her movements. She is the calming energy.



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